Graduate School of Humanities, Osaka University


Division of Foreign Studies

Division of Foreign Studies

Five Divisions of Graduate School of Humanities

Division of Foreign Studies

Curriculum for mastering 24 languages and learning in depth about the regions in which they are spoken from various viewpoints

 The Division of Foreign Studies mainly focuses on conducting comprehensive tuition and research covering 24 languages and the general cultural aspects based on them across a variety of disciplines and practices. The division aims to develop individuals who can build on the findings from other disciplines in the humanities and social sciences to examine languages and cultures from around the world and succeed globally. (The department offers a doctorate course based on individual research needs.).

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Degree Conferment

Degree Program: Foreign Studies

  • Master of Arts in Language and Culture, Doctor of Philosophy in Language and Culture
  • Master of Philosophy,
    Doctor of Philosophy

The master/ doctoral degree appended with the term "Philosophy, Science(学術)" may be conferred,
when deemed appropriate by the President with the approval from a Faculty Meeting of the relevant graduate school.


  • Department of Regional Culture

     This department offers Asia/Africa Language and Culture Course and Europe/America Language and Culture Course, which each cover different languages and regions. These courses are dedicated to a variety of languages, cultures, and societies, and are designed to help students develop a better understanding of the language and society of a particular region as well as improve their practical and research skills, and courses that look beyond individual language and cultural zones to address the interests and needs of society in general in order to help students develop diverse research perspectives. The educational program focuses on helping students acquire advanced language proficiency, develop the ability to consider matters from various viewpoints by leveraging broad and profound knowledge in the language zone they study, and understand the research approaches of linguistics, literature, history, social studies, and other fields as well as interdisciplinary approaches that combine those from multiple fields. The languages covered by the respective departments are listed below.

    Asia/Africa Language and Culture Course

    Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, Indonesian, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, Hindu, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Swahili

    Europe/America Language and Culture Course

    Russian, Hungarian, German, Danish, Swedish, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese

  • Department of Highly Specialized Professionals

     This department is responsible for a master course only; it consists of the Recurrent Course for English Teachers and the Recurrent Course for Chinese Teachers. It is intended for English/Chinese teachers currently working at a junior or senior high school or individuals with a teacher's license and aims to train professionals with advanced specialized knowledge.

    Recurrent Course for English Teachers

    This course aims to train individuals with cutting-edge knowledge and English proficiency who can contribute to improving English education at junior and senior high schools.

    Recurrent Course for Chinese Teachers

    This course aims to train individuals with cutting-edge knowledge and Chinese proficiency who can contribute to improving Chinese education at junior and senior high schools.